NEW Improvement to Notes Feature in JenesisNow!

When entering note from the client screen, you will now have the option to choose a policy number that the note relates to. Also, when adding a note from a policy, that policy number will default as part of the note. Any questions? Email us at!

Maximizing Client Value: How Marketing Automation Drives Cross-Selling Opportunities For Insurance Agencies

Insurance agencies rely on customer loyalty to thrive. In 2023, marketing automation is making a big difference in customer loyalty. By default, it is helping agencies grow to new heights. Automated marketing processes allow insurance companies to widen the customer experience. It also helps them build long-lasting relationships. It gets sales agents to tailor their […]

NEW Preferred Name Feature in JenesisNow!

Email/TextTemplate in User Preferences – Preferred Name is now an option for email and texts. Any questions? Email us at!

Navigating the Talent Gap: Addressing Hiring Challenges in the Insurance Industry

After the unexpected obstacle that was the COVID-19 pandemic, there is another threat on the horizon in the insurance industry. The growing talent shortage makes it difficult for insurance agency owners to grow their brands. Even though the industry has fared remarkably well during several economic storms, this new challenge threatens to trip it up. […]

NEW Send a WeSignature through Text Feature in JenesisNow!

We have added the ability to send a WeSignature document to be signed via text message. Any questions? Email us at!

NEW End of Day Receipts Feature in JenesisNow!

JenesisNow has now added the ability to select and print multiple End Of Day session receipts at a time to combine work from multiple individuals or days. Any questions? Email us at!

The Importance of Setting SMART Goals and Tracking Them in JenesisNow!

Setting and achieving realistic goals is one of the key measures of success. Whether your agency wants to improve its daily operations or earn more revenue, the SMART concept can help you revolutionize your goals. SMART goals are ones that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound goals. These criteria provide the framework for setting […]

NEW Improved Commission Policy Selection in JenesisNow!

Improved the commission policy selection for manually entered commissions. Any questions? Email us at!

NEW User Signature to ACORD 35 in JenesisNow!

We have added user signature to the Acord 35 (Cancellation Request Form) under the Producer’s Signature section of the form. Any questions? Email us at!

NEW Set Filter on Suspenses for X number of days in JenesisNow!

We have added the ability to set a filter on suspenses for X number of days in the future. Any questions? Email us at!