Effective Delegation Techniques for Busy Agency Leaders

As an agency leader, you probably feel like you have to be everywhere all the time. Since this is physically impossible, the next best thing is delegation. You cannot manage client relationships, oversee sales, enforce regulations processes, and keep your team happy by yourself. When you delegate crucial tasks, you sharpen your leadership skills. It […]

JenesisNow’s Training Program

Our Jenesis training program for new users and long time users that need a refresher, includes online learning courses, followed by a one-on-one review session to ensure comprehension of Jenesis.   Upon successful completion, participants are certified, with the program costing $100 and offering a full refund if unsatisfied.   Contact lisag@jenesissoftware.com to enroll in the program!  

Leveraging Data And Analytics For Strategic Growth

Data and analytics play a huge part in running a successful insurance agency. Data, which many people consider just a collection of numbers, is the most important factor for decision-making in an agency. Collecting data can help you find weaknesses in your agency’s communication and approach to new customers. This will allow your agents to target their ideal customer […]

JenesisNow Newsletter – May 2024

JenesisNow May 2024 Newsletter       Any questions? Email us at info@jenesissoftware.com!

JenesisNow May Product Update

Cool features  We have added the ability to have multiple commission tiers for a given carrier.  https://youtu.be/omjZhpgtGj0 We have added notifications of how many unread messages to the email option on the left main right sidebar as well as an unread emails dashboard card.  https://youtu.be/5thmDrL6S7Q Users are now able to see all the policies associated […]

A Streamlined Insurance Agency Management System for Small Agencies

In the bustling world of insurance, finding the right insurance agency management system for small agencies can be a game-changer for elevated efficiency and growth. Jenesis leads the industry with streamlined functionality and personalized support tailored specifically for your business.   Top 3 Benefits of the Jenesis Insurance Agency Management System for Small Agencies Intuitive Software […]

Managing a Remote Team: Tips for Insurance Agencies

In 2024, the insurance industry will continue its shift toward remote work. Insurance agencies are generally known for their office culture, but after the impact of the pandemic, many agents found working from home the better option. And, as technology improves and younger agents join the insurance sector, there is more room for flexible work […]

Digital First Impressions: The Power of a Well-Designed Insurance Website

If there ever was a first impression that mattered, it is the first impression of your agency on a potential customer. If you fail to impress, you fail to build instant trust and credibility. And, once that customer has moved on, you will not get them back. The easiest way to make an impression in […]

NEW Payment Due Date & Remaining Payments Feature in JenesisNow!

We have created the ability to track the number of payments remaining on a policy, and the number of payments and the next due date will change based on payments being receipted in JenesisNow. We have also added dashboard card filters on the Policy Card to display upcoming payments due as well as filters for policy reporting.   Any questions or concerns? Email us at info@jenesissoftware.com!

Leveraging Insurance Agency Management Systems for Scalable Growth

Every insurance agency owner wants their brand to grow. But sadly, not everyone succeeds in this goal. Sometimes, there are just too many established competitors, or there is low demand for insurance products. In many cases, however, insurance agencies overlook the one factor that is key to sustainable growth: scalability. Often, an agency will be […]